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Get Your Heating Systems Serviced

Irwin's Heating Service  is your one-stop-shop for trusted heating services in Medicine Hat, Cypress Country, and surrounding areas. Whether you need installation services or simply need to keep your heating system’s maintenance in order, we can help. We are familiar with all makes and models of gas and heating systems. The average lifespan of water heaters, furnaces and hot water tanks is usually around ten to fifteen years, although this can vary depending on many factors, including the quality of the equipment, the frequency of its use, and how often you get it serviced. We can help you get the most out of your heating appliances and systems by efficiently servicing them. 

Get Your AC Serviced


Air conditioners are life-savers on those hot, humid days, and nights. It is essential that you have a properly functioning AC at all times. When your air conditioning system suddenly stops cranking out that wonderfully cool air, you can rely on Irwin’s Heating Service to promptly service your air conditioners in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas. Not only would regularly getting your AC serviced increase its efficiency, but it will also help you in saving money on your monthly energy bill. Our team will thoroughly inspect the unit to determine the problem. If your AC is old and beyond repair, we will work with you to find a new unit and swiftly install it.

Get Your Humidifiers Efficiently Serviced in Medicine Hat

Cold winter air holds on to less moisture and wreaks havoc on your body, including making you more susceptible to flu and cold. Humidifiers are an easy fix to combat this. Having a reliable source of heat during winters is crucial. This is why having efficiently functioning humidifiers at your home is imperative. Irwin’s Heating Service can help you with installing, and servicing humidifiers for your Medicine Hat homes.

Get Your Medicine Hat Home’s Ventilation in Order

Healthy indoor air is important in terms of personal well-being. A well-ventilated home or workplace rids itself of moisture, smoke, and other pollutants. Kitchen and bathroom fans play a huge role in keeping your home well-ventilated. Irwin’s Heating Service provides you with efficient, quick, and cost-effective servicing for your bathroom and kitchen fans. We can also help you with installing new fans. Our experienced technicians strive for perfection in everything that they do and endeavour to leave you with a ventilated home.

Have A Heating Emergency?


Rely on our experience to get your heating appliances serviced efficiently.

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